COMMERCIAL PRODUCTION The ASTGS aims to unlock 50 new large scale farms with 150,000 acres under sustainable irrigation through government provided infrastructure and protected land ownership. POST HARVEST MANAGEMENT By addressing the challenges in post harvest handling before processing cereals, Kenya can significantly boost
its agro-exports per capita ratios for both small scale and large scale farmers. The ASTGS lays a framework to guide
industry actors to process imported wheat into products such as pasta, extend shelf life of livestock and fish
products through value addition.
BLUE ECONOMY The National Fish Marketing Strategy seeks to stimulate rural economies
by aggressively working to improve the country's fish and fisheries products
at the local, national, regional and international markets.
VALUE ADDITION Up to KES 230 Billion per annum from manufacturing as a result of
transformation in Agriculture.
e -VOUCHER DELIVERY SYSTEM To increase production, the national subsidy programme seeks to provide 1.4 million high-needs farming
households with a range of inputs: soil testing, fertiliser, certified seed, crop protection, equipment, insurance etc.


The ATO provides technical support to government agencies providing an independent perspective on performance management and transformation monitoring and evaluation. We provide guidance to industry actors on how to embed sustainability across all flagships and prepare progress reports on the status of key food and nutrition security interventions.


We facilitate and coordinate broad multi-sectoral collaborations for effective implementation of the ASTGS. Working closely with the Joint Agricultural Sector Steering Committee (JASSCOM) and the Council of Governors, we support counties in implementation of the ASTGS and act as a secretariat to the Intergovernmental Forum on Agriculture (IGF-A).


The ATO is guiding the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Cooperatives through implementation of the Digitization and Coordination of Kenya’s Agricultural Sector Data Strategy. The ASTGS highlights 7 digital use cases and priorities under Flagship 7, and is working closely with the private sector and development partners to build an interoperable system integrating data and plugging in services from different sources.

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